NX 700

The NX 700 ism a fully framed sloop for family daytrips and short anglers. She is designed for maximum stability with excellent course and manouvring capabilities with a remarkably low water resistance, suitable for fitting a battery powered electric propulsion system but equally capable for taking an conventional diesel engine.

The construction is a combination of plate-cut frames and longitudinal stringers ensuring a truly fair and straight hull. The standard pre-cut kit comprises all plate parts for the hull, including 2 watertight bulkheads, floorplates, benches along both sides, all profile material and even the building jig for assembling and welding the kit parts in the correct shape and form. All kit-parts are precision cut from Grade-A quality steel, factory grit blasted and primed with Sigmaweld MC welding primer, with engraved markings on all parts indicating the connection parts for accurate positioning and easy assembly. Where necessary the parts are pre-formed as parts of the kit.

The NX-700 version with electric propulsion has seating capacity for 12 persons and even a small toilet at the front. The fore-and aft peak can be used as lockers providing ample storage space, or even a small whisper generator set, giving the electric version an unlimited range. The keel extends the full length of the bottom and includes the heel to accepts the rudder.

Length 7,00
Waterline length 5,80
Beam 2,36
Draft 0,60
Displacement (steel) 2.000 KG
Hull construction Staal
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